Serenity is a fundamental requirement to realize our possibilities..

Gerald Hüther

Creating inner space
Finding serenity and clarity

Usually our attention is more concerned with future plans and to-do lists than with the experience of the current moment. The demand for permanent availability and multi-tasking often leads to chronic mental restlessness.
Moments of pausing and self-contemplation are becoming increasingly rare in our faster and more complex world. Many of us experience increased emotional tension as well as physical

strain due to chronically elevated stress hormone levels.
Mindfulness enables us to maintain a relaxed attitude and helps us to face every experience with more clarity and flexibility. Through conscious self-perception, a deeper understanding of our own automatic behaviour patterns in dealing with internal and external stress factors is developed.

Mindfulness Practice

Regular mindfulness practice cultivates presence – a state of awareness in which body, emotions and mind work together in balance.

In this state, we clearly perceive our own body sensations, feelings and thoughts in all their nuances, while at the same time developing a refined perception of our surroundings and thus of our counterpart. This simultaneous inward and outward attentiveness allows us to include the entire spectrum of every current situation. We can act with self-awareness and empathy.

As soon as we no longer act automatically from our previous range of habits in the state of “autopilot”, but face every situation with a watchful presence, we have a considerably expanded scope of perception and thus also scope for action in all situations in life. In a state of presence we are also more open to intuition and inspiration. We are more receptive to new insights, creative solutions and innovative ideas.

Our entire being and doing is naturally clearer, more sensitive, attuned and effective.




MBSR:  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

 according to John Kabat Zinn

MBSR is a scientifically researched mindfulness training program that includes contemplative practices and established approaches from psychology and stress research. MBSR-trainings are currently offered only in German. If you are interested in learning the tools, please contact me for an individual 1:1 training in English.

“Mindfulness is a simple and at the same time highly effective method to reintegrate ourselves into the flow of life, to bring us more deeply in touch with our wisdom and vitality.”

John Kabat Zinn



  • Practice of mindful body awareness (Body Scan)
  • Mindfulness in sitting (meditation) and in movement (yoga)
  • Mindfulness during everyday activities
  • Self-reflection on stress-increasing thoughts and patterns
  • Recognition and resolution of automatic stress-reaction cycles
  • Self-empathy – dealing with feelings like anger, sadness, fear
  • Self-care – needs and limits in (working) life
  • Mindful communication, empathy and interpersonal clarity




  • Authentic presence

  • Clear focusing and more enduring concentration

  • Deepened ability to relax, embodiment of inner peace and stability

  • Strengthened immune system by lowering the stress hormone level

  • More effective self-efficacy through self-awareness and self-empathy

  • Easier coping with stress situations – increased resilience

  • Constructive communication through conscious handling of reactive emotions

  • More creativity and innovative power through the cultivation of receptive openness

  • Extended decision-making competence through the inclusion of heart intelligence and access to intuitive knowledge

An overview

 of scientific evidence of some effectsüber wissenschaftliche Nachweise einiger Wirkungen

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