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What supports me in bringing more presence, serenity and relaxation into my life?
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How can I express myself freely according to my nature and thus bring my life into a fulfilling flow?
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Esther Heese

“It is my passion to empower people to express their individual essence freely and naturally, and by that bringing their life into a flourishing flow.”

I encourage you to consciously experience the manifold aspects of your humaneness. This includes your vulnerability, heart intelligence and intuition as well as the radiation of your vibrancy, enthusiasm and power of manifestation.

My facilitation is mindfulness-based, depth-psychology-based and incorporates the spiritual dimension of being human (in the sense of being embedded in a comprehensive, creative intelligence).

To deepen your presence and unfold your potential, I offer you my over 25-years of broad-based professional competence and my personal expertise of long-standing mindfulness practice.

What Clients say:

Jon Eden Khan – Leadership Mentor Berlin

Esther is an outstanding coach and professional. When I work with her it always feels like coming home.

She has the amazing ability to make me aware of myself – both my limiting patterns as well as my resources and my higher potential. She has an incredible amount of experience and skills in her tool box and has helped me to re-connect with my authentic self.

I feel inspired and am flourishing both in my professional and private life. I highly recommend working with her.

Mounia Berrada-Gouzi, Multilingual Presenter & Leadership-Coach

With her unbelievable competence, paired with loving and gentle responsiveness to the current challenges of my life, Esther led me ad hoc to “the roots of the problem”. I am always fascinated how she guides my attention in the shortest possible time to exactly the crucial points where the problem hangs. Respect!

Many thanks, dear Esther! Your work deserves a clear recommendation!

Martina Fritzsche - Heilpraktikerin, Berlin

When I decided to start the coaching with Esther Heese a few months ago, I already had the first clear burn-out symptoms. The responsibility as managing director of my own company with 10 employees and the constant stress associated with it, had pushed me to my physical and psychological limits.

Through the support of Esther I was able to recognize more and more clearly my “functioning mode”, through which I had cut off myself so badly from being myself. Esther supported me with a lot of empathy in the process of opening up and finding myself again.

My life has become much more worth living since then.

I thank Esther from the bottom of my heart for helping me in this difficult phase to realize what really counts for me in my life.

Tanja Rathmann, Start-Up Gründerin Berlin

I participated in a mindfulness training and I can especially recommend the way Esther teaches. The amount of topics is a bit of a challenge, but I had my aha-experiences every day.

Esther’s experience has helped me in many ways to get into meditation more easily and, for example, to be more aware of my feelings. Her great empathy and patience, the subtle hints regarding the inner attitude, the supporting metaphors and images and all kinds of other hints helped me a lot.

I can’t remember ever coming back from a vacation so relaxed and fulfilled. And it still lasts.

Thanks a lot!

Andreas Selignow - Referent Digitale Medien, Berlin

My partner and I sought help in our relationship difficulties and, as an Englishman living in Germany, we needed it in the English language. I found in Esther’s support an unashamedly self-centred space in which I could express myself without any real language gap or problems.

What I really value is that I did not have to dwell on negative childhood memories or past experiences. Rather her intuitive reading of, and focus on energy helped me to perceive and step out from compulsive thinking towards sensations in the body and feelings. In my wrestling need to understand, Esther was very patient, supportive and passionate, giving unconditional witness when I took the leap.

Her non-judgemental feedback and suggestions facilitated me to be present to what was arising. Esther’s support helped me to approach my life-situation with my partner anew and gave me a good dose of inspiration in renewing my relationship to the whole of life.

Philip Davies, Oldenburg

Before the coaching with Esther I always had many questions in my head at the same time. I had rationally moved all kinds of topics back and forth, but had not been able to find clarity.

When I started working with Esther, I was able to get more in touch with the emotional process that was going on behind all my mental questions. Through Esther’s sensitive gift of creating a safe space, I was also able to allow suppressed feelings like anger, sadness and fear. I encountered my issues in a more tangible way – with less mental activity, but more in touch with what was really felt inside me from moment to moment.

Esther has a great sense of what is in the air at any given moment and she can express her perception in a way, that led me deeper step by step. Her incredible presence in every moment helped me to open up and become more grounded and clear. 

This clarity has made me calmer, happier and stronger – and more independent of the opinions of others.

I highly recommend working with Esther. 

Julia Frischeisen, Hamburg

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