A bird on a tree is not afraid that the branch might break.
Not because of trusting the stability of the branch, but because of the fact of having wings.


LIFE Coaching

Life is movement, an ongoing change and everlasting becoming. Some of those changes are pleasant and welcome to us. Other changes are more of a concern or even cause pain and anxiety. And sometimes a longed-for but not happening change challenges us.

My approach is potential-oriented and aimed at strengthening your connection with your own, authentic nature. In times of upheavals, challenges or current life questions, I would be happy to support you with my LIFE coaching.

What can you expect?

The following content provides a first orientation. Each coaching will be modified according to your needs and requirements.



challenging life circumstances



burdensome past


Self-Love and Self-Confidence


the ability to decide and to act



in transition times


new perspectives in life



of Presence and Mindfulness


communication skills to create authentic relationships

Find inspiration and support with the following settings


at the place of your choice

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Individual appointments for coaching via Skype or Zoom are possible throughout the year. Working with me from home is a comfortable option many clients. In this way people from different regions and countries can experience my work. The intensity and effectiveness of coaching via this virtual medium always amazed me at the beginning. In the meantime, many years of experience have assured me to encourage even skeptics to try it out. On request, a continuous online support can be combined with occasional coaching sessions in Berlin or La Palma. These may then be in the form of a multi-day stay with several sessions at one of the two locations.


at La Palma

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HEALING HOLIDAYS are times of a meaningful pause in powerful nature combined with individual one-on-one coaching sessions. The possibility of leaving everyday life for a while and reflecting at the essence of one’s life with the help of a present counterpart provides a beneficial foundation for realigning one’s position.

Regarding accommodation and the number of coaching sessions, we will look together for your needs in a free of charge preparatory talk. You can adjust the details individually and depending on your preferences, you can choose additional offers such as wellness treatments, guided hikes or cultural events.


Practice in Berlin-Mitte

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Individual appointments for coaching in Berlin are possible in some time slots of the year. Please ask for appointments.

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