Relationships are changing us, make us visible and let more of us come out. When we connect with others, our gifts become visible – also for ourselves.

M. Wheatley / M. Kellner-Rogers

LOVE-Coaching / Couple Therapy

How come that a love relationship that started so promisingly, ends either in tiring misunderstandings, bitter power games, resigned speechlessness or simply unsexy in a “fraternal flat share”?
Contrary to all romantic concepts, the progress of a love relationship does not depend on fortune, but on the ability to keep the shared relationship space authentic, alive and related.

What can you expect?

 Couple coaching enables you to transform destructive relationship patterns into a conscious culture of relating.
In order to remain your love lastingly fulfilling, I support you in developing relationship skills, such as:


to be communicated “undosed” and at the same time free of demands


to be maintained and to remain accessible even when emotional pain is activated


to be recognized as inner pictures and to be able to distinguish them from actual circumstances


to be perceived in a more differentiated way and express them appropriately




to be mindfully recognized in time and to represent them with loving clarity


to be internalized and being responsable for taking your own space and time


to be identified between current challenges and your own inner shadow-parts from the past and to take your own accountable steps into healing transfomation


Go for Inspiration and Support in the following Settings


wherever you are

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Individual appointments for couple coaching via Skype are possible throughout the year. Especially couples with young children like to use my offer to “meet”  in their own living room in the evening, while the little ones can sleep in the next room without an extra babysitter. The intensity and effectiveness of the facilitation via this virtual medium has always amazed me at the beginning. Meanwhile, many years of experience have strengthened me to encourage even sceptics to try it.
If required, a continuous Skype support can be combined with occasional face to face coaching sessions in Berlin or on La Palma.  These can then be individually arranged, for example in the form of a several-day stay with several sessions at one of the two locations.



Canary Island La Palma

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In the course of a love relationship, smaller or even larger hurts occur from time to time, and for their integration and healing, attention is needed. In everyday life, there is often not enough time for this and many things are simply swept under the carpet. Or the attempts of a healthy clarification end up in misunderstandings and other wounds, which can also lead to a helplessness and speechlessness that stands in the way of a fulfilled love relationship.

HEALING HONEYMOON are individually arranged Couple Days in the holiday flair of La Palma, which, combined with professional couple-coaching, form an ideal framework for relationship maintenance. Beyond the everyday demands, there is plenty of time here for cleansing and refreshing in the safe setting of competent support and to free the “couple’s living room” from those things that have been left behind. At the same time, the offer of concrete – partly playful – couple exercises provides inspiration on how to enliven the love room with fresh flowers and new colour nuances.

Regarding accommodation and number of coaching sessions, we will look together at your needs in a free preliminary talk. You can adapt the details to your individual needs and choose additional offers such as wellness treatments, guided hikes or cultural activities.




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Individual appointments for coaching in Berlin are possible in some time windows of the year. Please ask for dates.

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