“Our deepest calling is to develop into our authentic self. In this way we not only find the fulfillment that every human being seeks – we also find our natural expression for our contribution to the world.” 

Parker Palmer


People take leading positions in the most diverse areas. Regardless of whether it is in business enterprises, NGOs or private contexts, the essence of leadership is to advance in a caring spirit. In addition to specialist qualifications, this requires a high degree of emotional intelligence and social competence as well as the ability to enter new territory and navigate in it. The quality of a leader’s presence is essential for being an inspiring role model.

With Integral Mindful Leadership Coaching and the approach of Otto Scharmer’s Theory U I support the development and deepening of the following leadership qualities:

Open Mind

To let go of concepts and face every situation with awake freshness requires the cultivation of an “uncertainty competence”. Those who can keep their perception open in the tension of an unresolved situation find access to creativity, imagination and the discovery of new solutions.


The foundation of empathy is self-awareness. The more open you are to your own emotions, the better you can perceive and interpret the feelings of others. Being emotionally authentic as a leader and dealing responsibly with your own feelings is a decisive parameter for trust and commitment in the entire team. In a culture in which people can be emotionally authentic, much more intelligence, creativity and commitment unfolds.


New ideas arise from beyond our everyday consciousness and are usually ahead of the current time. In order to become more sensitive to the “call of the future”, we need to allow “not knowing” and to be able to let go of habitual impulses after controlling and predicting the circumstances. 


Natural leadership quality has a lot to do with access to one’s own inner fire. What are my highest values, what is my deepest motivation? To be driven by the power of inner leadership, there needs to be a significant overlap between this vision and the work context.


Both in the storm of challenges and in the fire of enthusiasm for new ideas, a quality of embodied grounding is an important prerequisite for success. The grounding of a leader has a direct impact on the grounding of the environment and thus on the manifestation power of a team.


Empowering others to increase their own strength and presence and to create their own projects is an essential gift of a leader. This requires a well trained ability to recognize the individual potential in everyone and the capability to offer adequate support and freedom.


The highest potential unfolds from the balance between being and doing, receptivity and proactivity, intuition and intellect.

The business world is often over-focused on doing. Therefore a sustainable establishment of the quality of being is needed for balance. From this quality impulses for action can rise effortlessly – clear, purposeful and with effective thrust. This quality is also essential for maintaining physical, mental and social health in terms of work-life balance.


Presence is a state of consciousness in which body, feelings and mind are working together as an integrated unit.

Mindful Leadership

Finding the Space to Lead

Janice Marturano, Institute for mindful Leadership

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Individual appointments for coaching via Skype or Zoom are possible throughout the year. Working with me from home without having to travel is a comfortable facilitation for many. In this way, people from different regions and countries can experience my support. The intensity and effectiveness of coaching via this virtual medium has always amazed me at the beginning. Meanwhile, many years of experience have strengthened me to encourage even sceptics to try it. If required, a continuous online coaching can be combined with occasional coaching sessions in Berlin or on La Palma.  These can then be individually tailored, for example in the form of a multi-day stay with several sessions at one of the two locations.


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Sometimes it takes pausing, detaching and exhaling to be able to see things from a larger perspective. Sometimes a break and reflection is needed to focus on essentials and find best choices. 


“MEANINGFUL PAUSE” is an opportunity to take a conscious break of deceleration.


Specific coaching content combined with mindfulness practice in a powerful nature offers a fertile ground on which qualities such as emotional intelligence, intuition and inspiration can be deepened and developed. 


Regarding accommodation and number of coaching sessions we will look together at your needs in a free preliminary talk. You can adapt the details to your individual needs and choose additional offers such as wellness treatments, guided hikes or cultural activities.    


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Individual appointments for coaching in Berlin are possible in some time windows of the year. Please ask for dates.

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