Isla Bonita


La Palma is one of the most beautiful islands in the world – at least according to UNESCO. Because of its unique nature, the most north-western of the Canary Islands was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2002.
The impressive landscape, imposing volcanoes, dense forests, quiet beaches and the starry sky gave the island the nickname “La Isla Bonita”, the beautiful island.
The “Isla bonita” invites you to relax in its year-round mild climate and to open your senses to nature. Wonderful sunsets over the sea on the west side let you become more spacious inside. Through the volcanic-earthy power of the island you can connect more easily with your inner fire and your power of manifestation.


Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that people book to Gran Canaria or Mallorca by mistake, as the island La Palma is confused with the city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Palma de Mallorca. Therefore it is important to enter the correct airport code SPC when searching for a flight!
There are several direct flights from Germany like Easyjet from Berlin or Condor from Hannover or Düsseldorf. However, you can also travel via Madrid, for example, by changing flights.
Please also ask how you can compensate the CO2 emission of the flight. I recommend the non-profit organisation Atmosfair 



A list of links to accommodations with different standards and price ranges is currently being created.

Casa Margarita



A list of personal recommendations with different standards and price ranges is currently being created.


This video from WDR-Reisen can be a nice way to get in the mood for the island during a leisurely hour. (German)


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