WACH SEIN – Mindfulness

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally – in the service of self-understanding and wisdom.

The decisive basis for living a mindful life are moments of conscious pausing and a healthy balance between being and doing. This cultivates a state of presence – also during everyday actions and even challenges.”

WACHSEN – Self-Development

“Self-development means to unfold freely according to the uniqueness of my talents and my true nature.

I live my authentic individual expression and trust my lifelong becoming on my way. I liberate my full potential and bring my gifts into the world with joy.

I am constantly unfolding in the most natural way and thus manifest a fulfilled and inspired life.”

Coaching for relaxed liveliness,
nourishing relationships and professional fulfillment.

What supports me in bringing more presence, serenity and relaxation into my life?
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How can I express myself freely according to my nature and thus bring my life into a fulfilling flow?
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How can we create our love relationship so authentically that we experience both nourishing bonding as well as lively freedom? read more…

How can I effortlessly break new ground, effectively navigate through challenges, and thus be a motivating inspiration? read more..

Esther Heese

“It is my passion to empower people to express their individual essence freely and naturally, and by that bringing their life into a flourishing flow.”

I encourage you to consciously experience the manifold aspects of your humaneness. This includes your vulnerability, heart intelligence and intuition as well as the radiation of your vibrancy, enthusiasm and power of manifestation.

My facilitation is mindfulness-based, depth-psychology-based and incorporates the spiritual dimension of being human (in the sense of being embedded in a comprehensive, creative intelligence).

To deepen your presence and unfold your potential, I offer you my over 25-years of broad-based professional competence and my personal expertise of long-standing mindfulness practice.

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